Developing Healthy Boys

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CS01: 10_EN
This PLC  is for people of all genders about male gender socialization and the strategies and skills for promoting the development of compassionate, non-violent and equitable boys and men. This highly participatory program uses personal reflection and cross-gender dialogue to promote the following learning outcomes.
● Participants understand how boys typically learn about gender and ways that
    commonly used masculinity norms and stereotypes harm boys.
● Participants are able to explain the ‘cycle of male socialization’ and understand what is
    and is not healthy for boys’ development.
● Participants are able to support boys feeling comfortable and accepted when feeling
   and behaving in ways that do not conform to rigid masculinity norms and stereotypes.
● Participants understand the co-constructive storytime model when reading books
   with children.
● Participants are able to use children’s books to promote healthy gender development
   and a safe learning environment for boys.
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This PLC is facilitated live via Zoom. Participants have the opportunity to receive coaching.

It is EEC's policy that participants must attend all PLC sessions in order to receive a certificate.



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