Finding Courses in the Catalog

To find courses, browse or search the Course Catalog. In the catalog, we offer self-paced courses that can be taken at any time and instructor-led training, offered in-person or in a webinar.

Catalog views

Self-paced training courses are visible in list view. Scheduled events (instructor-led) are visible in calendar and list view.
Select the Calendar   and List   icons to switch between views.


Use search filters   to narrow the available course list.

  • Use the Language filter to select your preference.
  • Choose a Category to filter by category of study or quickly find required training.
  • In Calendar view, use Topic, Event, or Location to search scheduled events. Enter a zip code to filter by location.
  • Open the Event Types menu to filter between In Person or Webinar events.

Enrolling in courses

Click the course title to read the description and objective.

  • For self-paced training, select Get Item then select Finish to enroll.
  • For scheduled events ( ), view the available scheduled dates and select Register for this Scheduled Event for the date you want to attend. Next, select In Cart (Checkout) and select Finish to enroll.

To start the course, go to your Dashboard, click the Course Title, and then select the Module you want to view.

Module icons

Courses can have one or more required lessons. Some courses may include both instructor-led and self-paced courses. Above the course title, you can see what types are in each course:

  E-learning (self-paced)
  Scheduled Event (instructor-led)


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