Reflective Practice 1: Using Reflective Practice for Growth & Wellness (24)

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CS04: 06_24
Looking for a way to build your skill and promote your own wellness? This professional development opportunity will provide information on the benefits of self-reflection as a way to reduce stress, and the development of reflective practice as a tool to better understand challenges, set goals for growth, and track progress. Through the initial training and follow-up PLC meeting, participants will learn the principles of self-reflection as a professional tool, engage in peer reflective practice in order to learn strategies in shared reflection and perspective-taking, and devise a plan in which reflective practice can become a professional routine.

Participants will:

  • Investigate the goals & benefits of reflective practice;
  • Utilize principles of supportive peer reflective practice;
  • Build skill in effective self-reflection, shared reflection, and perspective taking;
  • Plan for cultivating reflective routines.
Course Hours

Scheduled Event(s) for this Course

Target program type(s): Group Child Care (GCC), Family Child Care (FCC) and After School and Out of School Time (ASOST)

Target audience: Teachers, Administrators, FCC Providers


Does this training apply to diverse learners? Yes 

This PLC can be used to fulfill the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care's required hours of professional development that address diverse learners.

All participants must be registered in order to receive EEC Training Hours for their participation.

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