Program Operation P1: Assessment, SMART Goals and CQIP

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CS02: 09

This 3 part series focuses on understanding the “What” and strategizing the “How” of operating an EEC licensed program. During all three parts, educators will use SWOT analysis and SMART goals to create a meaningful Continuous Quality Improvement Plan.

In Program Operation P1, we will explore effective policies and procedures that enhance the day-to-day operation of licensed program.


After completing this course, you will:
1. Practice the SWOT analysis process.

2. Understand the 5 characteristics of SMART goals.

3. Reflect upon personal mindset and the impact it can have on a CQIP.

Additional Information
**You must attend all sessions to receive credit.
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This training will take place via ZOOM. The Zoom link will be emailed to you prior to the start of the training.
**This training  is delivered in English.

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