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CS13: 03_EN_24


Leading for Change is an entrepreneurial leadership program that trains early educators, and family child care providers on how to lead for change and quality improvement in their practice, program, or in the field. During this highly interactive course, you will work with peers to develop your leadership skills and cultivate the mindset to lead for change to improve program quality and promote equity in ECE. You will also explore a specific area in ECE that you want to improve, and create a Change Project that includes a concrete action plan for how to make that change a reality.  

Course information: This course takes place virtually in 14 sessions for a total of 4 CEUs.


Learning Objectives: 

Upon successful completion, you will demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge, skills, competencies on how to lead for change and quality improvement in your teaching practice, program, or in the field. This includes understanding how leadership impacts quality; strategies for making and sustaining change; how to develop a problem solving mindset; and how to embed the principles and practice of equity, diversity, and inclusion in your practice, program, or in the field.
  2. Knowledge of and strategies for using effective job-embedded professional learning throughout the workday.
  3. Understanding how to apply principles of continuous quality improvement to problems in ECE settings or systems. This includes learning how to use data, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to identify and address the root causes of problems.
  4. Knowledge of workplace conditions that enable continuous quality improvement and knowledge of how to assess conditions in your own program.
  5. Knowledge and understanding of leadership mindsets of inquiry, boldness, systems thinking, and radical collaboration.
  6. Connection to a network of leadership and innovation. 
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Training language: English
Target program type(s): Group Child Care (GCC), Family Child Care (FCC) and After School and Out of School Time (ASOST)
Target audience: Administrators, Teachers, FCC Providers
Does this training apply to diverse learners? Yes
This PLC can be used to fulfill the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care's required hours of professional development that address diverse learners.
All participants must be registered in order to receive credit for their participation.


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