Nurturing Imagination & Creativity Through the Arts (24)

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CS03: 03_EN_24
Young children are naturally drawn to be creative, and they eagerly explore new methods through which they can express themselves. The Arts include not only painting and drawing but, also dance, music, theater, visual arts, expression of feelings, and development of curiosity and expression. We will explore The Arts during four interactive sessions in which participants will share their knowledge about the arts and enrich their knowledge through review of resources, sharing with others, and planning activities for the children in their program.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify needs and interests of the children in their classroom or program to plan learning activities in The Arts.
  2. Offer children opportunities to explore dance, music, theater, and visual arts.
  3. Encourage children to express their ideas and feelings through the arts.
  4. Scaffold learning by observing the children’s interactions and offering materials and/or opportunities to extend learning.

Course Hours

Scheduled Event(s) for this Course

Target program type(s): Group Child Care (GCC), Family Child Care (FCC) and After School and Out of School Time (ASOST)

Target audience: Administrators, Teachers, FCC Providers


Does this training apply to diverse learners? Yes 

This PLC can be used to fulfill the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care's required hours of professional development that address diverse learners.

All participants must be registered in order to receive credit (EEC Training Hours) for their participation.

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