Ready or Not! It's Summer Camp Time

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CS14: 11
How do you keep school age youth engaged and active all day & all summer long at camp? You need a long list of fun, exciting, challenging ideas for summer activities that youth & staff will love. Great camp activities, rituals & routines help build your program’s community and spirit. Join us to learn and share new ideas that will support your planning and kick start summer.
  • Analyze the role of youth voice and choice in fostering community within summer programs through collaborative discussions on program planning,
  • Evaluate strategies aimed at cultivating positive and engaging relationships among youth peers and between staff and youth, utilizing rituals, routines, and curriculum,
  • Apply newly acquired strategies to effectively support behavior management and smooth transitions throughout the summer program day,
  • Compile a comprehensive toolbox of resources containing practical tips, tricks, and activities to be utilized in each session.
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Target program type(s): After School/ Out-of-School-Time

Target audience: Directors, Administrators and Site Coordinators

Target age group: N/A

Training Address: Online via Zoom

Does this training apply to diverse learners? Yes

All participants must be registered in order to receive credit (EEC Training Hours) for their participation.

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