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Becoming a Social Emotionally Skilled Teacher

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CS14: 05
Have you ever thought that maybe a child’s challenging behavior might be related to his/her social emotional development or lack thereof? Are you interested in learning more about how Social Emotional Learning can impact the way you work with children? We will bring in our real-life experiences and unpack the truths and myths about SEL and how we can best support children in our care on a day-to-day basis when we understand what Social and Emotional Development is all about! 
1. Learn and understand the basic principles of a social emotional learning and development.
2. Learn strategies, games, and practices for applying social emotional learning and development strategies into your program model to support the youth.
3. Learn how to create a socially and emotionally supportive environment in your classroom and/or overall program that best supports youth.
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This PLC is offered in English and facilitated via Zoom.

EEC policy requires participants attend all three sessions of this PLC in order to receive a certificate. 

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