Out of School Time -Let's Break the Ice!

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CS14: 04
In this workshop, you'll discover ways to keep school age children active and busy throughout the day while incorporating Ice breakers and games that focus on Social Emotional and Physical Development through PLAY. 
After completing this course, you will:                                                             
1. Name the benefits of ice-breakers & playing games with children.
2. Explain how social emotional & physical development is impacted.
3. Practice facilitating an ice breaker activity to a small group.
4. Adapt an activity to make it appropriate for different OST age groups.
5. Lead a social emotional and physical activity with a group of children and analyze what went well/didn’t work and changes you make next time.   
Additional Information
**You must attend all sessions to receive credit. 
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 **THIS COURSE IS DELIVERED IN ENGLISH**                                                      

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