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Trauma-Informed Care & the Pyramid Model

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The Trauma-Informed Care & the Pyramid Model on-line lessons are what you need to ensure that teachers understand the impact of trauma on young children and their families.

Adding a Trauma-Informed Care lens to your existing Pyramid practices will help to implement practices that promote children’s social emotional development, healing and resilience.

Benefits of Trauma-Informed Care & the Pyramid Model On-Line Lessons:

  • Assists teachers to understand the impact of trauma on young children and their families and to recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in young children.
  • Ensures teachers understand the assumptions and principles of trauma informed care.
  • Builds a foundation to support children’s resilience and recovery.
  • Supports implementation of specific practices for teachers and families to implement Trauma Informed Care Pyramid Model practices in early childhood.
Here are the three Modules and the approximate time required to complete:
 Module 1  Definitions, context and recent findings  70 minutes
 Module 2  What is trauma-informed care?  50 minutes
 Module 3  Implementing trauma-informed practices  60 minutes

Objectives are included at the Lesson Level of the training.
Additional Information
  • The content of this course is video based. 
  • The strength and stability of your internet connection will have a direct impact on the quality of the playback.
  • While taking this course, it is recommended that you close all other applications, such as Microsoft Office, which use up your computer's resources.
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