Emergency Response (for volunteers and others not in ratio)

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This 60-minute course will support participants in creating a plan for Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning which is vital for keeping children safe. Emergency response planning includes planning for: weather events, environmental events, and other events that necessitate an emergency response plan for onsite care, off site care & transportation, informing parents, communicating with local, state, and other agencies, and being prepared overall for unforeseen events. 

It will include information on developing an emergency action plan including identifying potential threats, environmental or man made (fire, protection, emergency and natural disasters, evacuation, extinguisher maintenance and inspection) and responding to active threats.

The Learning Objectives for this training include:

  • Define different types of emergencies
  • Identify resources to create a plan for refining emergency preparedness and response plans for your program
  • Plan for the impact of emergencies related to your business, children, families, and communities
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